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2015-08-08 11:40:57 by pannashdesigns

G'day everyone, Howsit going? (yeah nah lets try that again)

Hey eveyone. Pannash Designs is a Freelance name I created, though Ash works just as well for those who want something a bit more human. I am a freelance artist and designer, mainly with Digital paintings, tattoo designs (Can't actually apply them) and logo designs.

As for me personally, I'm a gamer mainly, with titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Legend of Zelda being some of my favourites. Also have an interest in Metal music.

Eh, that'll do for introductions for now. I'll continue to upload more art as I go along.

Feel free to say hi.


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2015-08-08 12:55:06


pannashdesigns responds:

Hi there.


2015-08-08 13:28:09

ahem ahem i love those games too ahem

hi! welcome, psh i'm sure you'll carve out a portion on NG on your own in no time, that final demon and tree picture are good

pannashdesigns responds:

Thank you for the welcome and glad you liked the pictures. Nice to find a fellow Metal Gear and Zelda fan so quickly.